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Journal of a Night

Entry 1 – January 1, 2004

Already I can see that this may prove to be to ambitious for the broken vessel that is Rodney TGAP Staton. Who am I kidding, entry 1, January 1. It’s as if I decided to tell a bad joke on an open mic at a joint meeting of the U.N. I’m going to hell for this attempt alone.

But enough hodge-podge. It’s go time.

Resolution number 1: Learn to use word processor so that typing a daily journal becomes a thing of writing and not a thing of torturous electronic such and such.

Resolution number 2: Never cop out on a metaphor. Either don’t use it or end it somewhere it shouldn’t have gone don’t just say such and such or hodge-podge and think that no one will notice.

Resolution number 3: Learn to hate everyone.

Resolution number 3.5: Especially the people with significant others.

Resolution number 4: When the apologies materialize the hatred can be shifted down to vague regrett and occasional grudges.

Resolution number 5: If this is my life then I had better damn well climb into the cab nock out the guy who’s been driving for the last five years and get the pregnant woman, the doctor, the outlaw, and John Wayne to their destination before the credits roll.

That’s it. That’s the goal. If I miss type a capital letter and have to retype it three times before I get it right again I may have to have my hands lopped off at the elbow and given to someone who could use them because they aren’t doing me a damn bit of good right now. Grrr. So maybe I should explain something about where I am right now and where it is I intend to get so that this road mark or bench mark or mark of some undeniable quality can do its job.

Fine, sounds like a plan.


It’s over. Go home, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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Nickname: Greg
Re: A new beginning, posted late
I will not, at this point, reveal the fact that I actually left the festivities of December 31 to spend time with my girlfriend.

For not only would it be a lie, it would cause me pain. Delivered like a fine New York City pizza to my door within 30 minutes or the beating is free.