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I’m an occasional user of the Hollywood Stock Exchange. This is a website (hsx.com) which gives you two million dollars in funny money which you can ‘invest’ into upcoming movies and actors and the like. The better your picked ‘stocks’ are predicted to do at the box office, the more you make off of your investment. This site even occasionally allows people to invest real money into certain movies to get “Producer” status on DVD releases.

The best thing about HSX is that it allows you to see what is coming up in the world of movies, and how far away it is. For instance, shares of The Hobbit are at $74.00 or so at the time of publication. Even though the movie is in nothing more than concept phase.

Similarly, stock can be bought of Indiana Jones 4 for only 112 dollars per share.

I feel it important to point out the fact that the Hobbit essentially already has a script, while Indiana Jones REMAINS SCRIPTLESS.

The news that I come with is this: Even without a script, and with actors only expressing interest (no contracts yet) the studio has seen fit to set a release date of July 1st, 2005.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ve made over 224,000 dollars thanks to this.

Check out the Hollywood Stock Exchange at hsx.com

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Movie News
I made 10 million dollars in just 8 years, now if only some of it were real. Like even 10%.

Nickname: Greg
Re: Movie News
Jeez, I’d settle for 1%. Or 10% of 1%.