Original article posted by Greg:

What if everything you said became true?
Not immediately, not neccissarily how you thought it would, but it still happened – just like you said.

“So-and-so is such a ________.”

Anyway, that’s my thought. For a few weeks I’ve been wandering around thinking my thoughts and suddenly thinking “You had better be careful what you say out loud. What if you have a power you don’t know about and everything you said became true?” So I’ve been more careful what I’ve said just because of a random thought that popped into my head.

Kinda farfetched, eh? Well okay, let’s try this one then: What if everything you said about yourself became true? That seems more likely. If there’s one thing people might have control over it is self.

“I’m too fat.”

Well, I might be in trouble if I have this strange super-power.