Original article posted by Greg:

It wasn’t as big as I had expected.

I suppose growing up under huge red cliffs changes a guy.

It was, however, amazing to see the vastness of the place from the air. The cities are all defined by imaginary borders and streets, but the buildings themselves stretch on till the horizon.

From the sky, this place is amazing.

I was also somewhat amused at the fact that you can walk down the street and see hundreds or thousands of faces in a few hours and then never see them again your whole life.

We arrived exhuasted, and remained exhausted as we spent the night seeking out pizza and exploring Grand Central Station. The hotel, The Grand Hyatt, was big and imposing, but the rooms were no better than those you would get at the Best Western motel in Cedar City, Ut.

The people I walked around the city with were too excited by the skyscrapers and the landmarks to notice the bums lying over the steam vents on the sidewalk, or the cardboard house in the construction area.

The people in the city were all very nice and polite as long as they weren’t working. And even then if you made a joke or smiled they turned out to be nice after all, too. Not like the stereotypical New Yorkers at all.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art I found myself overwhelmed by the scope of the place and the occasional gradeur of the exhibits. In one room was an entire egyptian temple, shipped stone by stone in 1967. In another were african totem poles that towered high into the air. In another were a bunch of college students with dark coats, dark hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and superior attitudes all analyzing modern art to each other.

The American Museum of Natural History had a star show that was just amazing and made me decide that I need to own my own planetarium some day.

Carnegie Hall was gorgeous and a pleasure to sing in. It made all the horrible rehearsals worth it. I found myself looking around thinking that I could never be bored if I had both New York City and money.

Enough of that. I’m tired and it is late for me.


Orginal comments:

Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Impressions of New York City
And now I have a desire to go and see the Art Museum.
And I have never before wanted to visit New York.
Drat you!

Nickname: squishous
Re: Impressions of New York City
Ahh, a cardboard home.
Maybe one day…

Nickname: Chellee
Bums, anyone?
I saw the bums, really, I did! It’s just that I work at a homeless shelter. I see bums at least twice a week. They no longer impress me. I’ve heard to many stories about the steam vents and cardboard houses, and I’ve been desensitized.