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I only ask for so many things in life, and some of those things aren’t even things, some of these things are non-things. The dishes, for example. Don’t ever try to wash the dishes where I live. You will fail, they will not be done properly and I will probably just have to rewash them anyway. More important than this is the mystifying ability of certain individuals to think that they are being helpful by washing just the one pot they use. In the past three days I have rewashed one pot twice and I assume this pattern will only continue.

My standard of clean may be a little difficult for people to understand. When you look into the bottom of a pot and insert your finger, then remove your finger and there is gunk on your finger the pot is traditionally known as NOT CLEAN. So keep washing. Also, not using a goofy scrub brush that has been laying around with food particles in it for a year or more would be a good step.

So, for anyone who has a passion for not eating off of or out of horrible disease ridden non-washed objects I write this kind message: Leave the dishes the fuck alone! They’re mine, mine, don’t you understand! I’d be nice about this but I keep rewashing things anyway so let them be, I’m learning to enjoy the simplicity of making things clean and orderly. Damn you’se, damn you’se all to hell.

Good day!

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Nickname: Greg
Re: Just a simple reguest
Funny, this seems less anger inspiring than your regular journal entries. I suppose this is more directly pointed at specific people, and that’s why it’s ruthless? Ah.

Anyway, good work on making more topics used up. I’m going to write in spiritual and in rants now. w00+.