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Today at work was marked by double dates of old people. Not really old, or slightly old, but a variation of oldness extending from slightly older than me to much older than those who are only slightly older than me. These dual couples would come in chatting about this or that. One group caught my eye because the ladies were chatting and the men were chatting. The guys were talking about sports. “Oh and I couldn’t believe that (insert sports icon) would pull something like (insert sports action) during a (insert sports event)! Did you see that (insert random sports jargon)? Wow!” to which the other would reply, “Oh yeah! I saw that! and did you see the (sports action) that (sports icon) pulled there in the (sports time portion)? Whew!”

I cocked my head to the side like a little puppy in that cute way I do when I’m thinking.

“I wonder what I’ll talk about with my buddies when I’m retired and out on a date like that.” I thought.

The only person I could think of where that sort of situation applies is with Jaredenerin. Jared and I would surely find things to talk about, but certainly not sports. And while he is greatly into music, I have a hard time keeping up when it comes to terminology. I can say “Yeah, I liked that song.” but that’s about it. Will we find ourselves, years from now, saying “Man, did you see that attack I made against Flynk with those (insert computer game unit)? I thought he had me with his (computer game unit) but I (insert computer game tactical manuver)’d him off to the side and (insert gamer jargon such as ‘frag’)’d them all!”???


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Re: Old and Crazy
Worse yet you may have to say something like, “Yesterday I visited (insert name of dead beat friend) in prison. He was still (insert activity that should not occur except in prison) twice a week and looks forward to (word that relates freedom in a way that only he who has been in prison can utter).

Then again maybe this hypothetical situation will remain untrue for an infinite amount of time.