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About 2 years ago I was upstairs in an apartment I was moving out of, engaged in the tedious task of cleaning out my refrigerator. I had orange hair, and was wearing sweatpants. In walked in Jared, a friend and neighbor, with a trenchcoat clad stranger.
I thought he was funny…he thought I looked like an ex girlfriend of his. And so I met Greg.
Two years later I am on the eve of a trip to a foreign country, and he will leave for two years while I am away. I said goodbye a few hours ago, and cried when I hugged him. That, I really didn’t expect. But now it is late and I am left thoughtful.
To be perfectly honest, there have been some points where I thought Greg was an arrogant *ahem* bum and that he was overly judgemental of me. I’ve had moments where I thought that he was an utterly unrepentant jerk. And hey, I may have had a moment or two when I thought he was pretty cute.
But overall he has remained a good friend who was always there with a hug and a pillow, and possibly some cake with sprinkles in it. I can confide in him when I can’t in others, and I can be a silly, giggly showoff when I feel the need to.
Basically he has been one of the few friends I have had in my life that I can be myself around.
Now I think I might never see him again.
I guess that sounds fairly drastic, but honestly, who knows. He will be gone for two years, and in that time I might be far out of range of Gregness.
So this is why I’m thoughtful about him tonight. And a little bit pouty and sappy.
But Greg, you’ve been a good friend. Thanks. 😉

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Re: Sickly sweet Gregness
Hey! I’m the only smug, judgemental, utterly unrepentant jerk around here. Watch where you sling your hash.