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Journal of a Night

Entry 27 – January 27, 2004

If there was ever a methaporical cosmic yo-yo that lanced through the emotions of humans everywhere then today is that day it found me. Sure I’ve had mood swings before, hell my life is a mood swing without the second and third personalities (which are subsiding by the by) but today made me physically nauseasas.

I started out refreshed and ready to go, then I got mad at a poorly washed pot, which as always turns out to me subatomic on the scale of daily importance but gets blown into a PRINCIPLE of might and importane right off. This leads to a certain and horrible amount of banter from me that is unfair to others.

Then I go to class where I think I will add a keen intellect to the pursuit of knowledge that we have all come for.

Wrong. I sit and stew at the incompetence of people who don’t seem to understand the simple principle of learning known to those in the know as RTFB. Read The Fucking Book. Yes, you too can be at the head of the class in mere day by taking a little time to RTFB. Those symbols called ‘letters’ create things called ‘words,’ words can be used in ‘sentence’ to create ‘meaning’ and meaning can be used to convey thoughts and ideas to peoples across the land.

It’s a highly effective time honored sort of system, you might want to look into it.

So I took a nap in the afternoon, yelled at Susannah in a less than necessary way (pointing out that you have been saying things about someone online is a bad way to point out that you have issues with the person), and went to Groovacious to read some things I’ve been working on.

Unfortunately I arrived late and by the time I got to do my reading the audience at left the building. Tis a pity.

So a coffee and a stride across town later and I sit before you with something bordering on humble prostration and reaching into deific testafying.

Perahps now would be the best time to tell you all…

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.