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I find I have an unhealthy attachment to the website. I check it nearly every hour to see if anything has changed. It is by far the most technological and advanced website work I’ve ever done (and I really didn’t do much but slap the new name over the top of the PostNuke logo) so it intimidates me at times. But it also has the most potential.

Also it’s had more hits in the past week than my online diary has had in four months. I’m hopeful. But anxious. But hopeful. And also anxious.

I feel bad that I wasn’t able to figure out a way to set it up so that each user can have his or her own page. I really wanted to. So we’re stuck with just admins having their own pages. Sorry. If you have any suggestions for more needed topics, leave a comment or message me.

I discovered that I’m a cynic. I don’t like it. As a cynic, I don’t trust cynics.

Today’s news is as follows: Kayeleen’s mother has yet again expressed distaste at her daughter’s relationship with me. It’s become a point of stress for Kayeleen, as having a good relationship with her parents is very important to her. And to me as well. The problem is that Kayeleen and I had planned on taking a trip up north, where she would go to a bridal shower and I would do some shopping for the mission. The problem is that Kayeleen’s mom got wind of the shower and wants to go as well – since it’s for her niece. But she’s said in her way that she doesn’t want to ride in a car with me and that riding up with Kayeleen is the only way she’ll be able to go.

So there’s some stress there lately.

I imagine things will work out just fine in the not too distant future. Like in two weeks from today when I have essentially dropped off the face of the planet.

In the mean time, I will just be there for Kayeleen in whatever way she needs me to be. I want her to be happy and satisfied with her life. What that will require from me, I don’t know exactly.


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Re: Addictions to websites.. people..
I suppose I could add some support by saying that I don’t really like driving around with you and Kayleen in the same car either.