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In an attempt to make life more…(convenient?)…Hotmail restructured their system a few months ago. Yeah, many of you may be wondering why Kellie would be so foolish as to continue using Hotmail when it irritates her so. Well, I’ve had my Hotmail address since I was fourteen and am attatched to it although I never recieved my password when I registered for this site and instead had to re-register with a slightly modified username and an email address that I never use.
But no problem…greetings to you all. I’m looking forward to using this site as my own personal frustration vent…

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Nickname: Admin
Re: …and here I am.
Welcome welcome, soma. I look forward to reading your own personal frustrations.


Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: …and here I am.
I look forward to rebuttling and being the target of so many frustrations.