Original article posted by Greg:

Consider the spirit. Our spirits exist in a world of bonds that we can’t perceive. When we are born there is a bond created between our spirits and our bodies. They become one. This is probably the strongest bond that the spirit can have.
In this life we can choose what we do, what and who we bind ourselves to. There are two ways to do this, since we are both a spirit and a body.

But what happens when we die? The spirit leaves the body. What bonds remain? Only those which connect to the spirit, not the body. If a couple wants to be together forever, there has to be a binding more permanent, more spiritual, than that of two bodies coming together. Something more than the world, which is also mortal.

When we die, our spirits miss that form which gave meaning- the body. Our desire for the chains and ties we’ve created in life will be tremendous. We know this from teachings that addiction does not leave you after death, and that, if anything, these desires are intensified. This indicates that when we bind our body to a substance or person or thing, that chain is no less strong after death, just impossible to fulfill without the body half of our souls (which made the connection in the first place).

This is why we marry in the temple. We’ve got no way to tie ourselves to those we love in a more permanent way than that of living soul to living soul. Once death separates the soul into dead body and living spirit we are left with empty chains unless the connection is made by somebody with power over the links in the life to come. It therefore makes sense that the connection can only be made in a place that has its own link to the world of the spirit, that world we can’t perceive. This place is the temple of God. The person is the Father, or somebody endowed with authority and power from Him.

Anyway, it’s late and I wanted to write it down before I forget to write it down.