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Journal of a Night

Entry 28 – January 28

So yesterday afternoon I had the misfortune of hearing an odd repetitive beeping noise. At first I thought that it was my speakers giving out or my PS2 doing somthing odd. Neither of these were the case. I then suspected that Ryan had left something on in his room. This was also not the case.

I think that the noise is coming from upstairs, in that place where technically no one is living because there is no power but I keep hearing noises from up there so I have to wonder, I said to myself.

So I stalked up the stairwell to the top an opened the door that is chained from the opposite side. When smoke billowed out I realized that drastic action had to be taken. I reared back and let forth with a stirring BOOT and the door ripped assunder. I ran down the hallway to find the impetus of the smoke. Candle wax had caught a shoebox lid on fire and was quickly spreading across the bathroom counter. I slapped at the fire ineffectively with my hand, and in a moment of stupid panic tried blowing on it.

When sanity and Vincent kicked in I used a plunger to shove the mess into the sink and started spraying water on it, while soaked toilet paper wrapped about the plunger took care of the counter.

For the rest of the day I played Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance II, which rocks.

That was a day.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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Re: Ben Boot Action!
Massive and important update.

I did in fact save the house with in mere moments of large scale ignition according to experts who investigated the fire site. So, I’m a would be hero, because you don’t get a lot of praise when you prevent things from happening, the praise comes only when you save animals or precious objects from the blaze.