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There are No Bakeries Along the Lonely Highway
an Essay of American Life by Rodney TGAP

It was late Monday evening and I was headed home for the 4th of July. My intent in going home was to ensure that my associates would rally together enough to bake cookies to hand out at the parade, as has become our tradition. Deep within me I knew this was a futile hope. All of my associates had become increasingly hostile and self-centered lately. I would not say that they had fallen completely off of the good deed barometer but they really were not putting any effort into anything any more. Neither was I for that matter, but at least I had the presence of mind to admit it.

Embarking on this journey I came to a sudden realization that there is a very large lack of bakeries along the highways of our “great” nation. Convenience stores and gas stations abound on all of life’s highways. But truly there is no place to stop, to smell the wondrous rising dough and purchase a dozen fresh glazed. The Krispe Kreme craze is one that I have only been told about and not really been exposed too. Therefore I find it increasingly difficult to understand how people will occasionally risk their lives for a fresh glazed donut.

I do however see their point metaphorically. Who wouldn’t risk their lives to grasp on to one pure moment? One fresh original thing, made with care, or some monosodium glutamate replacement. Too often we sacrifice the things around us that are important for things that are less so. I do not think that humanity, and particularly Americans are sadists or masochistic, but I do believe that we are gullible, tired, and afraid. Thus did we create religion.

Do not get me wrong, I have faith. I have a spiritual belief in things that I cannot see and that I have a problem understanding or explaining. I just do not happen to carry around a brand name version of it. I do not subscribe to any church or religion’s newsletter. Actually I subscribe to all of them, but that is another essay altogether. The reason I mention religion is that people use religion as a crutch more often then is really necessary.

It is understandable to need to believe in something bigger than yourself, I admit to it, but that is no reason to give up leading any sort of life merely for the benefit of never having to think again. Like Fyodor Dostyevsky said in The Brothers Karimozov Jesus died for us to give us free will, and slowly, through many generations and much strife the Catholic Church was able to remove the free will from its believes and tell them what to do and when to do it. Problem with that is it’s horrible. No one, honestly, wants to live as a slave or a zombie. If they did then I would certainly have fewer qualms about manipulating the thousands of people who adore me.

Free Will, or Free Agency, or Human Nature, whatever semantic ammo you take with you everyone is carrying the same .45 caliber truth. Some people do not know how to load their guns, some people have trouble aiming. Some people take delight in shooting straight into the air, with no prevailing worry about where that bullet will land. Occasionally you find someone who has a sense of responsibility to the people around them and they take careful time to aim and shoot when and where needed. But there are a lot of enemies and only a few people who can handle a firearm properly.

Well, the driver on this walk across America has been trying to kill me for the last thirty minutes by swerving quickly, driving too fast around corners and making kissy faces at the Gandhi riding shotgun. I feel that continuing on would be pointless for the time being and will merely putter out a final few lines and words about the importance of the true heart in us all that is desperately seeking a fresh glazed donut and a warm sympathetic person to lend us the money to purchase one while we cruise along the American highway of life.