Original article posted by Greg:

After a trip to the St. George Temple on Monday, my girlfriend expressed a desire to go to the visitors center. I thought this was a bit strange, as she has spent many months working in a visitors center in the midwest.

How strange. How strange, I thought.

While in the visitors center, you can hear a message about Christ, delivered in the room with the Christus Statue. It’s nice and peaceful, and also happens to have something like 160 language options.

“We’d like to hear the Christus message in Mandarin, please.” Says Kayeleen.

So I got to meet the language I’m going to spend the next two years studying intently. It sounded like… well, a foriegn language. It was a bunch of wah wah wah wah ni mao mao maos in a string. I have NO idea. It was eerie in a way to hear this language and think that in two years time I will probably be able to understand just fine what is being said.

Or not. I suppose I could end up with only the most basic of understandings. But I intend to do well.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say right now.