Original article posted by Greg:

Thought I should take an opportunity to write something about ryan. Something entirely true and scathing and possibly rhyming with ‘pants.’

Or possibly none of those things.

Ryan, I don’t know if you’re ever going to come back to the site – I mean, I know I would with a kind of sick fascination to see what people are saying about me, because I’m sick. And fascinated. And sick. – but hey, I hope you read this.

First off, sucka, thanks for the bandwith.

Everybody should know the following things about Ryan:
He has donated his server, his bandwith, his hard-drive space, his time, his thoughts, his programming skills, and his good nature to this website. Anybody who has ever looked upon Six Mile Village should be aware that this is all thanks to Ryan’s efforts. Nobody else involved has donated as much, nor made such an effort. In fact, all that Greg did was take a program that Ryan had already made workable and customize it for the site.

And never asked a thing in return. I mean, I made him an Administrator, but he never asked to be. He just deserved it.

Heck, when we were telling him what we wanted, he would say “No you dont, you want this-and-that.” and he was right. So much of the concept side of things is also his fault. The development would never have been so streamlined without him.

Anyway, no matter what his flaws may be as a roommate, or sappy boyfriend, or anything else – he’s a plain good guy for giving so much for his friends. And I don’t think anybody would disagree.

Just don’t want you to feel underappreciated.