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Fucking Campbell’s soup and the waves of human “progress” need to be kicked in the kneecaps until they fall off and bleed in the street. Preferablly Jerymn street where people occasionaly publicly urinate according to an ancient tradition.

Get this, I just wacked open my finger quite viciously on a soup can. Not becasue my can open made the edges all sharp and jaggedy, oh no. Instead I have been wounded because these new easy to open can top’s involve massive pulling on a sharp disc object that may or may not suddenly pop off and hurtle themselves across your kitchen.

“Progress” of this sort has been made numerous times in our society, although I can think of no examples at this moment, and each time they have made society crappier to live in and usually more dangerous.

I’ll come up with some examples and rant more, possibly when my finger heals so that I can type again insted of bashing at the keys like a walrus that has been beached and beaten by over confident seals gang members.

Rodney TGAP
mother fucking can garbage pieces of dog bone shit

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Nickname: Greg
Re: Dennis Miller was right, as usual
I like the part about the walrus, but what’s with the signature?


Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Dennis Miller was right, as usual
the signature is an homage to the entry bit on Dennis Leary’s Lock and Load which dealt with opening the plastic on CD’s, I felt that it fit the topic and the mood while making a second Dennis reference.

Nickname: Greg
Re: the Leary
Interesting… interesting.

I have no response to that. Perhaps it would be prudent to put something like “Rated R” on the picture of the cows. hmmm.


Nickname: ryan
Re: Dennis Miller was right, as usual
Do you still have that old can of soup that was sitting on your sill back in the dorms? We could probably launch a counter-attack on Cambells… you know… sneek in, open it up and hide it where no one can find it and demand they change their products or we won’t tell them where we hid it.