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I have heard that there is a “Thousand Year Question” but I don’t know what it is. But I do have my own thousand year question:
What would you do differently right now if you knew you were going to live for 1000 years?

My first reaction when I visualize myself in that situation is to go “Woah.”

Here are my answers:

1. I would be less stressed about money. 1000 years is a lot of time. In fact, it’s unimaginably long for me. I can’t fathom what it would be like. But how many things can you think of that have lasted 1000 years in the world of man? There are very few. None of them are governments. That means that in 1000 years dollars will almost certainly be worthless. For that matter, in just 100 years your earnings today will not have made much of a difference if you are able to support yourself then.

2. I would learn. Really even just 100 years of good health is enough time to get an advanced degree in practically every subject in school. I would study humans. I would learn psychology, physiology, medicine, and sociology. I think those are the most basic things which are apt to last 1000 years with you. Then physics and mathematics. Imagine the contributions you could make if you had several hundred years to study an equation or two.

3. I would write classical music. I can’t imagine any pop song lasting more than 100 years. But an expression of feeling through music without words might find a place in history.

4. I would plant a garden. We would call it patch public park. It would have many old trees and stones.

5. I would build a castle. It would take a long time and a lot of money, but I suspect I could have it done in just 500 years even if I was doing it in my spare time.

6. I would set aside some things. Like wood. They think that stradivarius violins are so exquisite because they think that he had access to wood that was a few hundred years old, allowing it to have great resonance and tone. I would bury treasure and then reveal the map 50 or 100 years later to a great-grandson or a friend.

7. I would learn to sculpt. I would go into the mountains and spend weeks sculpting things into the bare rock so that months or years later hikers would discover little works of art hidden in the wilderness.

8. I would write. I would try to write a book that would be just as valid when I died as it was when it was written. Just to see if it can be done.

9. I would be kinder. I think that if I knew that when 1/10th of my life was over I would already be the patriarch of about 100 people or so I would try to pay more attention to family. I would try to be somebody they feel like they could come to even though I went through my teenage years almost a century ago.

10. I would learn a martial art. Can you imagine how good you would be if you practiced kung-fu every day for 977 years? Wow.

11. I would act. I always wanted to be in a movie. Plus I could use the pay to go towards the castle. Hereafter referred to as “Redcastle.”

Actually the amazing thing is how much better I can imagine my life being (for myself and everybody around me) when I think that I wouldn’t worry about money. Maybe that’s the problem. Money.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: The Thousand Year Question
I would probably spend all of my time becoming an ancient and mystical evil. The weak would be terrified of me and the strong and rash would seek me out to do away with me. So I would add a certain amount of motivation, through hope or fear to most of the planet.

And a mountain stronghold is not the sort of thing that gets littered with corpses by itself.

Nickname: ryan
Re: The Thousand Year Question
I’d probably spend my time on developing a faster than light drive. I figure that given a 1000 years of human development, I just might be able to do it.