Original article posted by Greg:

Tosomi was killed by her father. Now we’ve got the mystery out of the way because I don’t want you worrying. After dying she found herself assigned to haunting duty at the old town hall. She often found it difficult to be noticed in the busy building, but she tried her best. Tosomi found she had a talent for influencing the feelings of those who passed by her, but she quailed at the thought of giving somebody she didn’t know a bad feeling. Typically she would simply make the passers-by feel that they had forgotten something. She became known as the Ghost of Nagging Feelings to her friends.

She didn’t remember dying. Simply being alive one moment, walking somewhere, doing something, then waking up dead. Emotions were different, she found. Much more intense, yet not flavored by the body. Tosomi found anger hard to hang on to when there wasn’t a body filled with hormones to help fuel it.

She was 15 when she died. She had spent most of her time with her younger sister, Ida, who was 10 at the time. Ida had grown some since then. Tosomi had seen her when she came to the town hall for her drivers license at the age of 16. Tosomi had felt a brief pang of jealousy, but it vanished like many negative emotions did and she consoled herself by giving Ida the distinct impression that there was a casserole burning somewhere.

Ida was 16 when she was killed by her father, but Tosomi didn’t find out right away.

These are the important facts: Tosomi was killed by her father. She didn’t remember dying. And Eric Snow was walking up the main stairs in town hall.

What’s amazing, my friend, is this: That Eric Snow was nobody. He was not the sort of kid you would suspect. Aged 19, just out of high-school with high grades, but not good enough for a scholarship. He wasn’t somebody who spent a lot of time getting ‘in tune’ with anything, so he wasn’t spiritually sensitive. He hadn’t spent much time around death, so he hadn’t yet become deadened to those whispers either. He once went to a museum and was apparently impressed by all the wrong things. Eric Snow was a nobody. Just another face in the crowd. Just a random number. Much like me or you. Now watch carefully, because something interesting is about to happen in two pretty uninteresting lives.

Eric climbed the marble steps in the town hall to the second floor offices. He had been sent by his boss to see about getting a permit for something to do with handling food. Eric was the secretary at a fishmongers.

As he reached the third step from the top, when his brain was pretty much on auto-pilot, much like yours or mine does every day, he heard quite distinctly “Your shoes are untied.”

Eric paused and looked down. His shoes were not untied. He looked around. There was nobody near him. He wondered if he imagined it.

“Aren’t you forgetting something? Forgot to pick up your girlfriend maybe?” asked the voice. And Eric froze as the little hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He looked around without turning his head.

Without seeing the source of the voice, he ventured, “No? I haven’t got a girlfriend?”

There was the pause of the sort that you get when somebody who thought you couldn’t hear her suddenly realizes she’s being heard and then blushes ferociously yet invisibly. Eric thought he heard a kind of “eep.” of surprise, then felt distinctly that he was truly alone on the stairs. After a moment of not-too-deep contemplation, he continued on with his business.

But this time his brain was not on auto-pilot.