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My friend, who happens to be a male, stole my car on New Year’s Eve to have sex with his secret lover… who also happens to be male. And lied about it. He stole my keys, stole my car, stole my cars virgin eyes, and broke my heart. Why did he lie?

He said he wanted to protect me. He didn’t want me to freak out and kill myself. As an active member of my religion, I do not advocate homosexuality. That does not mean that I don’t have homosexual and bisexual friends. My friend basically said he thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it. As if I didn’t already know. Women know these things. Women are not stupid!!! Do NOT lie to us!!! We will find out!!! If not through instinct then through the grapevine. NO LYING!!!! GRRRRRRR!

Now that that is said….
Would you like to know the real reason he lied to me? To protect his own ass. His reasoning? If I tell her I stole her car and had sex in it, she’ll kill me. (Which is mostly right, cuz that’s just rude and vulgar and gross.) But if I don’t tell her, everything will be fine.

Which is not right, because now every time I look at him, I think, “LIAR!!!” Every time I hear him talk, I think, “What he says just can’t be true… LIAR!!!!”
Every time I get in my car, I think, “Eww, Eww, grrrrr! LIAR!!!!!”
And every time I smell his cologne on anyone, I think, “That is the distinct smell of LIAR!!!!!!”

So the moral of the story is:

Don’t lie to those you claim to love… Or any one, really…
And, don’t wear HUGO or INTUITION colognes, or may hear the echo, “LIAAAAAR!!!!!!!”

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Re: Why men lie to those they “love”…
Please don’t ever offer me a ride.