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I remember sitting on the back porch at my great grandfathers’ house as he was talking with his brother about the weather. Grandpa Harold turned to me and pointed at the sunset. He told me that it would rain tomorrow.

I don’t remember what the sky looked like. I think it was red.

I remember riding my bike home from middle school and stopping at the park. I sat on a bench and stared at the sky for an hour. An hour! Then I laid on the grass and stared for another hour. The sky was definately blue.

When I was in Ohio I never looked at the sky. I think I was trying to grow up and I didn’t have time for the sky anymore. And, when I did look up the sky was covered with dismal clouds. They were shapeless and miserable. I couldn’t see the sky.

This morning I saw the sunrise. I don’t usually favor the AM with my presence, but this morning I needed something more than sleep. Maybe I was searching for a little boy staring at the sky? The sunrise was blue. Not a depressing blue, but a clear, cold, envigorating blue.

I wish I knew if that meant rain.

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Re: Early morning discoveries
I have a certain fascination with the sky, I must admit. It’s the doorway by which I came to this earth, and the window by which I wish to leave…
Looking through it would certainly give people direction. Thanks for the thought, squishous