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Anytime my morning has to start before 10 AM I’m all ready unhappy. Unfortunately, waking up at 8:30 was one of the high-points of my day. The reason for waking up was all about suck. I had to visit the dentist for a tooth-ache. Now normally getting rid of pain is fabulous. But then, getting rid of pain doesn’t normally involve dealing with deep set psychological phobias of things like needles. Of course, that didn’t actually come up. Instead, I got to find out that rather than a simple filling, I get to have a root-canal done. Yippee. So from there I head to get prescriptions filled for pain killers and antibiotics. Rather than being the simple task of handing over insurance card and recieving drugs in return BOTH of my parents have ended up with different types of insurance since they last gave me cards and it took an extra 15 minutes to succeed in my task.
Lucky for me, this got me home just in time to let in the people showing up to tear apart my wall. Which they jumped right into, despite the number of my things that were in the way of raining dry-wall. From there I fled off into the night. Well, day anyway. No sense standing around watching people destroy your bedroom once you’ve gotten at least SOME of your possesions out of their way.
Class wasn’t much of a relief. Haveing people ignore what you have to say because they just aren’t paying any attention to reality gets annoying reeal fast. Especially if you’re in pain and not happy with the day all ready. Despite inclinations contrary to the matter, I didn’t slam someone’s head into their desk until they left me alone. I’m really not entirely certain being arrested would have been all that bad.
So from that class I have the joy of spening an hour and twenty minutes with people who I don’t like in a class where they do nothing but force the teacher to repeat herself and make inane commentary in the background. Again, I indured despite exhaustion and pain and worries about future surgical procedures until class ended.
This guided me on to home. The contractors were gone. As was my wall. The mess they made was not.
They had very little to say that was worth hearing. The current plan is to wait until my room floods again from the weather until they try to fix anything else. Needless to say, I’m just THRILLED about this. Nothing like having a room with an uninsulated wall with a plug hanging out the side of it. And dry wall dust everywhere.
So all in all, things were full of absolute dumb. And to top it off I spent an evening reading mediocre and bad poetry.
Of course, I suppose it was all payment for getting my damn stove working again.

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Oy. Sorry you had such a crappy day.

It’s a good thing you didn’t slam any one’s head into their desk until they left you alone. I wouldn’t have been there to enjoy all the blood and carnage. Yummy.