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This is just something I started writing a year ago and found again so I decided to keep at it. If you enjoy it tell me, if not I won’t post the rest.

“Lets go get Ice Cream” she says as we stand on the stage where a play just recently took place. The play was the shame of tombstone, a melodrama, but that’s all over now. The chairs have been taken away, the sound shells moved and the risers are gone. Only the sound of the Cure plays above us while the track lights flash in a pattern that I cant seem to remember. She waits for my response but nothing comes I look at her for a moment then say “I have to take some people home in a moment I’m sorry.

It’s a good excuse to not go get ice cream. Not that I have anything against Ice Cream but I fear being with her. Being with the girl standing right in front of me.

Her name is Courtney. She has bleached blond short hair, black horn rimed glasses and wears punk/skater clothes. She enjoys punk, emo, and grunge music plus any band that I happen to like at the time. She can tell you anything you would ever want to know and even things that hardly anyone knows about the band Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. I have heard her theories about Kurt and his death. She clams that his wife had something to do with it. Normally I would enjoy being around Courtney but that was all before I became aware of her plan. Just yesterday we watched the Dashboard Confessional DVD together and mocked the emo nerds in the crowds. However if I go with her this time there will be no fun or happiness. She is going to ask me to go out with her again. Sometimes I feel like a female because when I want to be friends they don’t. I’ve heard the saying “Let’s just be friends” many times on TV or in a movie. I never thought that I would ever have to use it myself. I have written it before and there was hell to pay for that. There no way I’m going to go through all that over again.

You see, whenever I have something emotionally threatening to say to a girl I email her or simply have our awful conversation over a chat. I have yet to say anything emotionally threatening to a guy. This give me the chance to tell girls things they would not like without feeling really uncomfortable when they start crying or yelling at me. Also I get to sit in my padded chair and listen to mp3s while I do so. Some people call me a coward for doing this. I wont try to defend myself from this comments because I know it to be true. I do feel bad that I can’t muster up the guts to tell them what they need to know to their face.

If I were to go with Courtney it would be hard for me to tell her that I am not interested in her to her face. Knowing myself I wouldn’t say anything at all and try to ignore the problem until it went away. As you will soon find I have used this method as an escape for many of my problems with the female gender. It’s a shame that none of them have been solved.

So I didn’t go with her. I attempted to avoid her for the rest of the night, which is very hard, when you are on a very small stage together. So far the problem still hasn’t gone away. She is still after me and I am still trying to avoid her in the very small stage that is Kanab, UT whenever I am there.

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Ah, Kanab! Skim boarding capitol of the world!!!

Well, now I want to know what happens… Perhaps you should post the rest…