Original article posted by Olorle:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy. Her job was to go through the land showing people the joy of coherent sentences and useful grammatical construction. Then, one day, she came across a terrible place where people viciously and mercilessly butchered her beautiful language into incomprehensible chunks of non-sense. In fact, it was so very bad that after someone used the word “physicist” instead of “psychiatrist” that she went into a horrible seizure and had to be rushed off to the emergency room. Fortunately, modern science was able to repair the damage to her body. Less fortunately, they could not repair the damage to her fragile fairy psyche.

Upon her release from the hospital she snapped her glittery fairy wand in half and replaced it with an old rusty scythe. No longer will she spread joy through the land. No longer will she spread flowers over thoughts put coherently into words on a page. Instead she flies through the night hunting those that would so horribly mangle and torture her beloved language, turning it into a weapon against those who would attempt to understand the wielder. Now she teaches in the only language these people seem to understand.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: The Written Word Fairy
I hear that in secret godless places she has recruited a number of straight shooting suits that visciously murder bad grammar in all of its vile forms. Tales of their brutal and swift methods have been told in the darkest corners of the seediest bars for a decade, but as of yet, I have not met them.

Although recruitment is always open few survive the harsh intensive initiation rituals.


Nickname: Chellee
Re: The Written Word Fairy
Oh, the beloved Written Word Fairy is indeed gone. Many a colleague she had shown the way. Now there are only horrifyingly stupid people wandering around forming deformed sentences that must be translated, transcribed, and transformed into something a bit more “coherent”. I’m positive that although the scythe looks rusty, it’s really covered in coagulated, dried blood.

And all I can say is, “Amen, sista!!!”