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It’s 9:30 a.m. and I am not in bed. Furthermore, I have not yet had my coffee. The rest of my day doesn’t look any more promising. I’ll be writing a paper discussing a poem sequence by Mary Oliver who apparently won the Pulitzer Prize in cheezy imagery and obnoxious repetition. I make this statement in the complete knowledge that I’m just a lowly undergraduate. I’m really not as bad as some of my more discriminating cohorts; I like most published poetry. But somehow I can’t quite process the images of coyotes smiling and the speaker “humming and clapping her hands” without cringing. Furthermore, how many times can you say “beautiful world” in a poem before it ceases to be a poem? Anyway.
The end.

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Re: Poetry is repetition…repetition…repetition…
The poem is good because it won an award! Don’t you understand that!? There must be something wrong with you!

I really don’t get music, movie, or writting awards because really to me it just depends on whos reading it.

“Beautiful World” eh? Send that girl a Thesaurus!!!