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I might start to get a little mean towards females in this part and more so in the future. Please understand that I just don’t like those females. I have no problem with most females unless I say something about them in this store. If that’s the case feel free to be angry at me. I have an awful habit of pissing off girls without trying, so please be kind.

Part 2 – The Start of my Troubles

We all sat in that old gym basketball court. The graduating class of 2003. Only this was 1998 and I was in middle school. This was middle school graduation as if you accomplished anything from going through that hell that is middle school. The only thing it really showed for my friends and me is that you had the will to be mocked and teased everyday and still go though with it all. Right then I was glad to leave that place and go to high school. At least there you have the guts to do something when everything around you is crappy.

I was wearing a white button down shirt with an oversized clip on tie. We all had to sit and listen to speeches about life, growing up and passing on. Joining a world that sucked more then what you had just gone though, kind of a numbing before the real blow. We listened to stupid speeches about growing up and other pointless things like that.

After all that was over we went in the cafeteria which was now lined with chairs for the dance. This was not the first dance I had been too but it was the first dance that I ever danced at, that is if you call moving slowly around in circles while holding on to the waist of the opposite sex while she had one hand on each sholder dancing. Trying at best to avoid all that I went straight to the food table with my friend Troy.

Troy was very smart in school other then that he was lacking. He was one of those people who thought that grades were the end all be all of success in this life and beyond. He listened to all the pop music, wore all the brand name clothing and bleached his hair blond on the tips just to be cool. You may be wondering why I would be hanging out with someone like this or, more so, why would someone like this be hanging out with me?

I had found that what I was doing was wrong my whole past school experience. I was mocking those who were mocked by others. I made fun of people that everyone made fun of. I saw that those who made fun of those people were a bunch of jerks and I decided that I should not waste my energy mocking those who are mocked, but that I should mock those who mock. Somehow I have avoided being mocked up until I took up this new way of life. Troy felt the same why and when I decided to do this most of my old friend decided that I was no longer worthy of them. This is why I was mocked the sum of my middle school life.

Anyway, back to the dance. After eating, Troy and I sat on the chairs watching people dancing and talking about how much we didn’t want to be there, mocking the mocker and enjoying life. But then just like every enjoyable thing in my life a female had to come and muck it all up. This girl was named Hope.

Hope was the sort of girl that everyone told you was crazy. I thought that they were just being mean and it was all a fake. That they just didn’t give her a chance.

She was crazy.

She asked me to dance and being the kind of person that I was, and am, I turned her down. I simply told her that I didn’t go to dances to dance. She walked away and Troy and I had a good laugh about the whole thing and I thought that would be the end of it but then her friend had to come into it. They told me that she was sitting in the girls bathroom crying because I wouldn’t dance with her. I felt guilty so I told them I would dance with her. I hoped that if I gave her one dance it would be the end of it but I was wrong.

By the end of this dance Hope had asked be to dance three times. I danced with another girl named Charadee but don’t worry about her. There will be much more about her, much more. I also talked to a childhood friend of mine Emma but she moved shortly after then and never made it to high school in Kanab. She was a lucky one. When I left this dance I tried to be my best to be as sneaky and quick as possible. After three dances one starts to wonder what is going on. Hope stopped me at the door. She said she wanted to talk to me. I don’t remember much of the before conversation but it ended with her telling me “I think you like me but you wont admit it.” At the time I thought it very funny and replied with a very sarcastic “Yeah, right.”

The next day at school when we checked out I stood next to Hope in line and she acted like nothing had happened. I had ignored the problem and it had gone away! It’s a shame more things can’t be solved like that.

On a side note one of my other friends in high school had the awful luck to have the same Hope obsess over him. I thought it was quite funny at the time. Of course that was before I got stuck in the same position. That was high school Junior year, but that’s still a while off from what’s next.