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Journal of a Night

Entry 34 – February 18

I may not always be the most upbeat person that graces a day, but I do have to admit this place has gotten awfully damn dreary recently and I’m not going to stand for it.

Yeah, I created a topic related to Woe and everyones need to express woe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment and write something else now and again.

I go to court today. I will face the system and demand justice for my brutal tazering at the hands of overzealous cops.

I have a full set of thoughts on this topic and a lovely story to tell everyone, I will do so later today. But what I really want to do is share with y’all the revelations I have had of late.

First off, I have a set of rules that I will try to live by in the near future and for the rest of my life. Look for these exciting changes in our broadcast lineup up.

1. Even if it is painful and lonely, associate with worthy companions.

2. No one should torment people or break their hearts.

3. Just regard people’s virtues, don’t be obsessed with their faults.

4. Although a suspicous mind is bad, still it is wrong to cling to what you shouldn’t believe in, or to fail to ask about a truth you should seek.


A starlting sense of peace came over me as I was reading these little tidbits yesterday. I have been saying for most of the last semester, “Don’t obsess, go with your instincts.” A mantra which I have failed almost entirely to uphold. But these lines of wisdom from an ancient Japanese philosopher give me a renewed sense of hope and a direction in which to head.

Do you have any idea the number of incredibly intersting valuable companions I get to spend each day with? It’s staggering that any one person should be allowed to have such winning people to hang out with. In alphabetical order (so I won’t forget anyone):

(And If I somehow misspell your name I apologize.)

Blaine: Blaine is one of those people that will tell you what he thinks of you and why you should or shouldn’t be doing something, and then, when the chips are down and your back is up against the wall he’ll take six arrows for you before dropping and telling evryone within ear shot that this is what YOU get for doing the things you do. Never have I found a more loyal, sweet and caring guy than Blaine.

Eileen: I don’t know her too well but she’s chipper and upbeat and wether she’s kicking your ass in a video game or getting her’s kicked she’s always just as likely to say “good game” at the end.

Gandhi: The laboratory in which some insane genius was building his advanced new protohuman must have been destroyed as the prototype came out of the vat because there is no one quite like Gandhi. He’s analytical, he lives on a combination of caffeine and a zombie-esque ability to walk forward despite no musculature, and he’s sensitive and well rounded in interests. His focus is brighter and more powerful then a laser beam and if I’ve ever wanted to know something that he’s been looking into I’ll know each step of the process and a handy conclusion. He’s a hell yeah type person and intensely loyal haphazard friend.

Greg: I’ve known Greg for almost 14 years. We’ve been through thick and thin, sanity and (more often than not) insanity. We’ve finished sentences, we’ve fought battles of PRINCIPLE and of IMPORT on more occasions then I can remember. I’ve shared all of the information I couldn’t share elsewhere with him and he’s done so with me. We’ve theorized and discussed every topic that I am aware exists and we’ve said the word “timing” and meant it every time. In a parallel world where one of us is female (probably him) we’re married and everything is great in a second parallel world where we are both female (including me) we spend more time discussing ourselves than our relationships and here in this world we only wish that one of us (both of us) had enough time and strength to do all of the things the other one has said.

Hastings: If only every female could be as practicle as Hastings we would have all achieved enlightenment by now. She is aware enough of her actions to take responsibility and praise where they are necessary or deserved. She won’t ever stop feeding you tasty treats from regions you’ve never heard of. She can’t stop working for your mutual benefit despite her health and if she ever finishes that thesis I’m sure she’ll someday make a terrific professor that all the students share stories about, because I know I would.

Jen: Assuming she isn’t jabbed by you, Jen will never have anything against you. If she is jabbed then you can expect her Kung-Fu grip to sever your wrist. So no jabbing. Jen is a highly unflappable sweet girl Hell-bent on getting somewhere in life and laughing on the way. In a perfect world we would have thousands more just like her to fight the good fight with attitude and wrist locks that have to be experienced to be believed.

Jordan: I may have slipped into a little hyperbole in the above descriptions as a device for expressing how much I appreciate these people. Here it will be completely unecessary. Nowhere on this large planet of exceptional people have i found a female as openly giving as Jordan. If she’s selfish in even one cell its somewhere along her spine and it gives her the power to fight long after everyone else would have packed it in. She isn’t always happy, but she’s far from eternally sad. She won’t let you get away with bullshit and expects the same. She tilts her head whenever she sees you and says your name in a way that make you know that you have been recognized. And even though she can be flakey at getting messages and letters and phone calls returned, she’s always appologetic about the brave men you may have lost in seeking said discourse.

Junpei: I’ve had my share of odd problems with Junpei and I’ve seen him… well see sometimes you don’t see him. But despite these things, which i mention for character not to chastise, Junpei will get angry longer and harder than anyone else when a WRONG has been committed and he will stop at NOTHING to make it right. No amount of effort is too much and no scheme is too unfathomable to try if it might solve the problem.

Kellie: If there is another female as sassy and sexy as Kellie I hope that I never meet them because I don’t have any fantasies about females wrestling in strange substances but this would be a battle of earth shattering proportions and I would have to sell tickets. Her fascination with the inner workings of the human mind and soul are starkly contrasted to her need to punish anyone who won’t live up to her standards. I can relate, I would like to do the same. If there was ever a definition of a hell-yeah girl Kellie’s picture would appear next to it wherever it was printed (assuming no one had cut the picture out, which might be rare).

Marty: i forgot to list Marty under his nickname, Rasputin, which I apologize for, but the boy needs to get that beard a growin. Marty is probably the quentisential child. If all young men were built of the stuff he is then I’d never have to worry about anything ever again. Despite his lack of confidence Marty is the most talented, witty, funny, if-it-being-my-fault-can-improve-the situation-I’ll-take-all-the-blame-now guy I’ll ever meet. If Marty was around during the times of Jesus he would have talked the Romans into killing him instead and before they did it he would have laughed them into unconsciouness and fled into the night only to return the next time his parents let him use the car to do it all again.

Patient Zero: Man, if Marty is the quentisential child then Zero is the neo-child. No person’s life has been as continual a rain of shit as his and he won’t stop smiling. Zero has faced and defeated more problems in his sixteen years on this planet than any writer or musician did in their convoluted lifetimes. If you could take a piece of this guys courage and use it when it was needed you would never be afraid of anything. Lovecraftian superbeings are laughed at by this guy, and he has yet to become an adult.

Rowsdower: Our resident Pookah and troubador Rowsdower is no stanger to the stagnant wretched taste of defeat, or that pasta we should have stopped eating when it was a bad idea and not a coming illness. Despite this, you will always find him at your side when fighing THE GOOD FIGHT or for MATTERS OF PRINCIPLE. He may not be the most typical person you’ve ever met but he is suprisingly well adjusted and the only guy I can trust to commit sepuku beside me when we find out that the things we have said and the opinions we have espoused are wrong. One more haiku to go and chop chop.

Ryan: Have you seen this man? Have you? The way the light of some divine presence shines through his little smile. You could haul Ryan into the middle of the desert whip him within an inch of his life and then force him to carry you home on his sore back and he’d do it without complaining. Twice. There’s a clause in there that he has to find you to be a person of value, which is not a difficult task (he’s quite skilled at recognizing the inner greatness of so many people and accepting them along on any journey like a friend of three life times, even if you’ve just met). There are things he doesn’t know, but he’s working on that, and anything he figures out he’ll clue you into, get you in on the ground floor, everytime.

The Wendy: Is completing her second year as a middle school teacher. And she’s been my girlfriend on two seperate occasions. And she was a totally cool, unique, bizarre, wonderful, and above all tough as nails indiviual before those trials. You can scarcely do better than talk to Wendy if you want an enlivened conversation about literature or what makes people people. She’s BRUTALLY HONEST and cute and petite and will probably stop smiling that goofy little grin only a week or so after she dies. There’s something about her that makes staying angry at anything or being depressed about whatever impossible. She’s a babe of superior quality that honestly cannot keep the guys away from her with a sharp knife (which she wields well). Given a hundred lifetimes to earn her respect you wouldn’t find one moment of that time wasted.

I just want to emphasize again how amazing these individuals have made my life and weep tears of joy with a heart that’s bursting as often as a spaceship underwater that I get to know them and spend time with them.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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