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Last Tuesday, around ten p.m., after a most stimulating night working at the Cedar City bowling Alley, I’m sitting at home pounding away at that poetry paper I whined to y’all about earlier. Anyway, certain very unfortunate and very uncomfortable circumstances at home drove me to seek whatever peace I could find at Ryan and Rodney’s. I arrive at about midnight and depart an hour later leaving Ryan maimed and in horrible, crippling pain.

Here’s what I “know” happened… I was being the usual weird and goofy girlfriend, you know, the obligatory attack and torture routine, when somehow the back of my hand smacked Ryan in the teeth and nose. Ow…it really hurt the hand. That I know happened. What I don’t know is why Ryan is still bed-prone with a dislocated back two days later.

It seems daily that some part of my body… fist, elbow, teeth…attacks some part of Ryan’s body… stomach, back, face… I blame the evil, masochistic spirits that temporarily possess parts of my body whenever Ryan leaves himself open and vulnerable. I’m thinking that these spirits are actually manifestations of my feminist subconscious which would explain why I’m prone to occational wild and passionate outbursts whenever some well-meaning fool at the bowling alley calls me “sweatheart”.

Note: Ryan has absoluetly no sexist tendencies and I am sorry, Ryan, that you must suffer for the evils of other men.

I will continue my penance later today when I take Ryan some tasty lunch.

Farewell and goodday,

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Nickname: ryan
Re: My presence is a blinding pain
I love you Kellie! And no, it’s not your fault. 🙂

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: My presence is a blinding pain
I blame… the sea.

Rodney TGAP

Nickname: gandhi2
Re: My presence is a blinding pain
it’s a “sins of the fathers” thang……