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I was sorting through my shelf of varoius portfolios the other day trying to find an article that I knew I had once read and I swore that I had kept; when I came accross a paper I had written just before high school graduation, four years ago . . .

“At this time in my life I have come to realize that, time is a precious thing. Days no longer seem to last forever, and friends you thought would always be there will soon be going their seperate ways. Life changes quickly.

Just yesterday I was a blonde haired child staring at myself in the microwave, amazed at the beautiful reflection that gazed back, while mom busily engaged herself in the breakfast ritual. This was our daily routine; she cooked, I stared, and then I would thoughtfully ask, “Mom, do you think my hair has gotten longer?” she would gaze over at me, seeming to ponder the question, and then always replied, “Yes, your hair has grown some, since ysterday.” I soon started school and my microwave mornings quickly came to an end. I entered school on my first day of Kindergarten excited to learn, ready to retain all the knowledge my little five year old brain could hold. Before long I was a regular genius, I had learned my ABC’s, could count to ten, and I could read! But that is not all I learned, I quickly learned about life and friends. Everyone I met, teachers, peers, neighbors, and especially my parents affected me. No one has entered my life without leaving a mark, whether big or small, I have become who I am because of those people who cared enough to give me a chance.

Now as I reach the finish line of my childhood, with my eighteenth birthday only days away, I am forced to look ahead at things such as graduation, college, and dare I say, marriage. Looking back I see that summer’s are too short, AP tests are too long, and high school (like life) is what you make of it.”

As an eighteen year old trying to look ahead I was scared and excited for the college experience that was just ahead. Now as a 22 year old less than a year from graduating I again am looking back. I have been here in Cedar City for four years and I am approaching another finish line, the finish line of my formal education. Here in Cedar I have found myself, I have grown into an adult. I have seen many wonderful friends come and go; one by one my roommates, peers, and friends have graduated, left on missions, or married. I miss them, but I know that they are continuing their lives, experiencing a new beginning, as am I. I have almost been married now for one entire year, which in retrospect has been the most amazing year of my life. We have struggled, laughed, and fought, but through it all we are more in love and even closer than we were then, each conitnues to get better. I am truly blessed.

During my four years here at SUU I have taken tests, learned new languages, developed my own theories and ideals, mostly I have grown into the woman that I have dreamed I would be. I am imperfect, I have areas where I can improve, but I am happy. And although I am anticipating what lies ahead, and a little sad to leave this life of craming, researching, and note taking behind.

Commencement is a funny word, it means ‘beginning.’ My graduation of high school marked the begining of my adulthood, or so I thought, but now as I contemplate the idea of entering the “real world”, starting a career, taking on a mortgage, and raising children I realize that this is ‘truely adulthood.’ I am going to be taking on real responsibility, not just for myself, but for my family. Someone will be calling ME mom, and I will be the woman laughing at my three year old as she stares into the microwave.

This next phase of my life will be a difficult one for me, I have to look beyond myself, beyond my needs and to the needs of my family, of my students. As I reach my college graduation the egocentric phase of my life ends as well. I am grateful for the friends and loved ones who have changed me, helped me get to where I am, made me who I am. Although it is difficult for me to realize that I will soon be leaving my college days in my past, I have so much to look forward to and I am excited for my new beginning.

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Nickname: Lou
Re: Whatever Happened to Microwave Mornings?
I wrote this during a grave shift and I apologize for grammatical errors that are present, I was a little less than alert!

Re: Whatever Happened to Microwave Mornings?
The most beautiful thing about the future is its uncertainty. I love not knowing where I will be next year. I love not knowing exactly what crisis will affect me next. But, I especially love the things that are eternal: My wife, my faith, and my curiosity for the discoveries that lie ahead.