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I thought I should write something since I’ve been a member for probably two weeks. Also, Greg wrote a letter and it made me want to write. It won’t be a long letter because I’m almost late for chemistry, but not quite yet. I’m very happy to have both my brother and my sister out on missions. Mom, however, is slightly upset because of the fact that Julia (Hermana Hamblin) is speaking Spanish – which Dad knows from his mission – and Greg (Tong…something Hamblin) is speaking Chinese which is the same language in which I am minoring. …I still need to declare that. Mom knows not much of either, especially Chinese. Hey, do you want to try a Chinese tongue-twister? Too bad, you’re going to get it anyway.

hong fen huang, fen fen huang, fen hong fen huang

It’s harder when you know the tones. Time to go to class now, have fun.
zai jian! (see you later)

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Nickname: chamblin
Revenge is sweet
Be warned! Kayleen and I have decided that we can speak Psych to each other while the rest of them are babbling in foriegn languages.