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I think I’ve been crying since I got home yesterday. You’d think I’d get dehydrated or something, but no…the tears keep coming. I’m really trying not to be so sad, but the pain just keeps coming out.

Now I’m not a depressed, sad, ‘oh I want to die cos my life sucks’ type of person. In fact, sometimes I can be downright perky. But leaving a place you love and especially saying goodbye, for who knows how long, to the person you love most can have that effect on a person.

I just spent 3 amazing weeks in paradise. I fell in love with the place, the people, and even more deeply in love with my boyfriend of over a year who happens to live there. I met his family, all his friends, and all in all had the time of my life.

Then I had to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye sucks

the end

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Nickname: Kayeleen
Re: Sad Sad Girl
Hey, Steph. Glad you are back. Just because a certain Taiwanese missionary is gone doesn’t mean I won’t want to see you, so keep in touch, eh? Besides, I can always give you juicy gossip about Greg… Let’s get together sometime ok? We can even meet at the good old apartments and bring poor stranded and lonely Blaine along or something of that sort. Let me know. Kayeleen