Original article posted by Stephanie:

He’s laying in my lap as I type, staring up at me. I guess this wouldn’t be so disturbing if he was actually looking, but he has this faraway look in his eyes that says he’s looking through me. He is limp and won’t move. He has enough strength to move himself about a foot before he collapses, spent.
This is my kitty that I raised from a baby. He’s mine and I hate seeing him like this. I probably won’t sleep tonight because I want to make sure he’s still here in the morning.
How do you tell a cat to hold on, he’ll see a doctor first thing in the morning? How do you make him feel better when he can’t say where it hurts?
If I was a scientist, I would work a little harder in verbal communication with animals, if only to help the clueless pet owners like myself. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if your cat could come up to you and say “hey my stomach’s feeling a bit weird, can you take me to get it better” Rather than watching him get a little bit sicker each day, at first just thinking he’s tired and then realizing something is truly wrong.
Ok, so I”m just a little worried about my cat, and I ramble. I just wish I could help him.
Hang on George!!