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Despite my need to create a friendlier, more upbeat sort of site where ideas can hang out and do whatever as according to the whims (and one time great design of John Mills) of their creators, I must say I’m feeling the need to yell growing within my lower intestine.

There are viscious wrongs occuring all around me. And for once I’m not going to back out and say that some large and horrible portion of it is my fault.

I probably wouldn’t feel all that bad if I had simply written my papers and done my school work, or if my money problem wasn’t rising like an undead, land walking, piranha. But enough apology.

I hate English majors. Fools and pricks all the way around. People without the necessary humility to accomplish the task of tying their shoes let alone accomplishing a goal. People who think their very existance outweighs all of the things you may do in your life. They can write, and therefore they are gods, gods amongst peons and lowly coward fools.

But I digress. The chumminess amongst these “elite” peers is probably their most annoying quality. They wander about talking to each other in secret codes with sideways glances pretending that what they are doing is important where what you are doing is beneath their care. You want to write a paper, only if you can concentrate over the mass of prattle that I am even now spouting about how important I am.

Be quiet? Not likely! I need to espouse my bullshit theory about my greatness and the patheticism of everyone else.

Worse of all, I’m one of them. My opinions are better than yours because they are more carefully researched. My writing is better than yours because I am better than you.

However, your need to concentrate is not something I am here to destroy. Nor will I punish you on high for not being up to my writing standards. You are not lowly cowards before me, you are simply people I could teach to be better.

If you care about writing at all you should do your damndest to be “The” best writer that has ever lived. You may not make it but at least you tried. At least you can say that you put forth effort. Anymore it is the job of any “decent” writer to express just how little effort is poured into anything that you do. Revision is for chumps, research for unlearned fools. I am a writer and I am good by devine right.

So I suppose my bottom line in all of this is that I wish everyone would just get over themselves and get out there and do what can be done to improve the situation for everybody, not complain that everyone else is assaulting my “oh so valuable and massive” talent.

And as a special side note, Fuck you Joseph Willis. Can’t stop and say “Hi” or anything because you’re so much better than Rodney, eh?

Rodney TGAP
so much better than Joe Willis

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