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I was talking with a really good friend of mine the other day and we began discussing our chosen major. (I happen to be a Music Major) He tried to convince me that our major was, with very little reservation, the “toughest” major on campus. I initially agreed with him, I mean, how could anything compare with 2hrs -minimum- of practicing our instrument on top of all of the other homework and rehearsals. I couldn’t imagine a more difficult major. But, what do I know of other majors? I have taken 1010 courses out of my hind-end, but did that really give me an acurate glimpse of what that major is like? I know for a fact that MU1010 covers the scabs of what I study.

I think that it is time to give eveyone their due. I want to shout props out to Phys. Ed. Majors, to English Majors, to those studying to become sanitation removers. I have no idea what these majors intail and I certaily don’t want to spend my time learning what they are doing with their college years.

I am sick of students that think they are better than others, just because of their field of study. I am sick of the elitist bullshit that permeates the halls of the music building. I am tired of professors who think that nothing is better than good, healthy competition. But I am really tired of people who think they are on the recieving end of the persecution.

I don’t think that my friend would ever try and explain his music-major bias to an early childhood major. I certainly don’t think that anyone has such a mean streak in them that they would attempt to humiliate another human being. Every time I hear someone saying “this person is mistreating me because of my major, or because I don’t like the same things that they like,” I can’t help but wonder how many conversations they’ve had about some idiot who didn’t belong in their world because of a percived ignorance.

Hypocracy is rampant, ignorance is shamefully strong, and I am done ranting.

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….and if the class fees don’t kill you….
…then the cost of printing your damn assignments will. Here’s the lowdown on the Graphic Design major. the department is incredibly small(we have one full-time, and a part-time professor), we have outdated software(which, by the way, exists in one lab….all the courses take place in this lab, and we have lab access perhaps 20hrs/week), we have no on-sight capabilities to print any of our final work(instead we generally have to take it to the only printshop in town; this costs approximately $10-$20 a full color letter size page), and a single Graphic Design class fee is between $50-$150.

they tell us it will get better.