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holy moly…

Donald Revel. Awesome poet. He’s published, so he has to be, right? No, I’m not here to tell the world that Donald Revel is a bad poet, i’m sure he’s a great poet. I just am frustrated with how painfully enigmatic his “My Mojave” is. Or maybe I’m just terrible at intepreting things. But really…

“Poem says
A white umbrella
Is a slim foundation for festivals”

Now what the hell does that mean??

Anyway, I don’t hate everything. Really. I absolutely loved a poem sequence we read earlier this semester in class, Cornelius Eady’s “Brutal Imaginations” . Good stuff. I’m sick of poetry. All I do these days is write it, read it, interpret it, and write about it. What I really need now is a month away from computers, coffee shops, and the written word. I want to be a science or a math major.
absolute truths…mmmmmm

One more thing. It’s about the movie “The Passion of Jesus Christ”. I haven’t seen it yet, but if I hear one more person say, “it’s sooo weird…a movie about Christ that is ‘R’ rated.”. Yeah… you know… back then they practiced non-violent crucifixtion. Kill me now.

“Poem says
He will be the death of me.”

farewell and goodday,