Original article posted by Dyistar:

It’s raining again. More like sleet really. In any case it is some sort of wetness falling from the sky, causing puddles and mud to appear everywhere. I keep wondering when it is going to stop. It’s been drizzling for days. I wish that the clouds would just release their load in one go. Maybe a large lightning bolt to start it off, just for show. Put some excitement back into these drab days.

Rainy days often make people lonely and I, unfortunately, am no exception. I am surrounded by people and yet they only intensify the loneliness because they are not the people I want to be surround by. I ache for those who I can no longer be with. Distance has something to do with it, but the hardest part is that I’m longing for something that has long passed out of existence. People grow up and apart, as those times of sitting on the bed, dreaming of future plans, slowly disappear as common interests are twisted into things of hate and mockery. I am longing after a memory of a friendship with someone who would tear me up with every chance I presented. And during my younger years I presented a lot. Hell, I still do. Although, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. Everyone has their moments of stupidity. Some just tend to make it a habit. Still, I remember those times well, and often, when there is only the darkness in my room, I lay awake wondering if she is doing the same. Or if I show up after sleep has invaded her body in the form of a nightmare. My mind drifts to thoughts of how to make it up to her, to fix the problem I started. Then I talk myself into believing that things are better the way they are and firmly put the topic out of my head.

Well, it seems the drizzle has stopped for the time being, and I have other tasks which need doing that involve far less introspection. Farewell for now.