Original article posted by Chellee:

I’ll admit that I’ve been very easy to annoy lately, but I think that some people have been overly stupid and fake sugary sweet. Sitting backstage and listening to someone gush over how much they miss someone they’ve only known for two weeks is rather annoying, if you ask me.

“I want to be in Salt Lake with you!”
“You need to be here with me!”
“I miss you sooooo much!”
“Then you should come here!”
“I want to be there with you!”
“Come visit me!”
“I need to see you!”
“Come see me!”

These people have only been apart for two days.

I’ll admit that my best friend and I have an annoying habit where we say “bye” several times, say “1-2-3, hang-up”, and then say “bye” one more time, but that’s a little bit different. We actually have a conversation between “hello” and our prolonged farewell.
You see, she moved away from our home-town in the middle of seventh grade to live with her mother. We’ve always stayed in touch and visit whenever we can. We’re still best friends. I’m lucky, really. Very few friendships stand the test of time AND distance. We can tell each other anything, and we usually do. We love each other and we actually care if the other one gets hurt.

Now let’s contrast that with a two week relationship that’s purely physical nad social, and involves no deep emotions and no real consideration for the other person’s feelings or well-being.

Now that you can probably see the difference, you will probably understand my anger at the following situation:

“Why is this discman in the middle of the walk way?” my friend asks.

“Because Lulu* left it there when her boyfriend called her. She was too involved in gushing when we had to go up for a scene to have enough presence of mind to move it,” I said.

“Why? What was she saying?” he asked.

“I miss you. I want you here. I want to be there. Come see me….” I went on and on imitating the side of the conversation I had heard.

“That’s not much better than, ‘bye’ ‘bye’ ‘bye’…” he said, mocking my tradition with my best friend.

“Yeah, let’s compare a lifetime relationship to her relationship with some guy she’s probably only been dating for two days,” I said, now on the defensive. I wasn’t just being rude. Knowing Lulu’s past, everything I had said was more than likely true.

“Don’t act like you know her, Rachel! She’s actually been dating this guy for about two weeks,” he said.

“Oh, wow,” I say sarcastically. Not that there’s anything wrong with a two week relationship. That’s actually quite a long time for her, considering that most of her boyfriends are gay and can only handle double D knockers in their face for two weeks if she’s lucky. Now that’s endurance. I force myself to shutup, thought there’s so much more I could say, because my friend Brad interrupts in peacemaker style.

At this point, I would like to say that Lulu broke up with that boyfriend four days later. My best friend and I are still best friends. I may not know everything about Lulu, but I apparently knew enought to call that one. Consider that.

*Name changed to protect Lulu. I also have to say that Lulu is a very likeable person on the surface, but deep down she is mean and ugly. I know this from past experience. This experience shows nothing of that ugliness.