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For less than a box of clove cigarettes, untill this last Monday, I was able to buy sanctuary four nights a week. Now my city sanctuary has been closed down due to the fact that the new owers of the building cannot handle dark “satanic” music and fetish night to exist in an old church. The building was sold to the highest bidder- not the owner of Club Sanctuary.
What will the old church be used for now? Nothing.

Maybe I am being childish. Maybe I have a huge chip on my shoulder towards close-minded members of the LDS church.
Why not let the building remain useful? Why spend money on something you will not use just because you don’t like a certain lifestyle?

Most of the music is not satanic.
Not all people who like bondage and dark clothing are evil.
We like the dark.
We embrace the dark side of the human spirit.
Leave us alone and we leave you alone.

For those of you who do go to gothic/industrial clubs, Allen, the owner of Area and Sanctuary, is re-opening the downstairs of Area to the gothic scene again.

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Nickname: jaddes_green
Re: sanctuary
I heard about that. My brother and his room mate Chris go to that club all the time. Now Area will be over run with gothic people! (no I don’t hate goths or anything. In fact I like a lot of their music) It’s a shame I never got to go to that club. Oh well…

Nickname: Olorle
Re: sanctuary
The non-sense that is people being jerks bothers me to an amazingly high degree. In my short bits of club-hopping sorts of experiences, Sanctuary was the only place I really ever cared to visit again. The old church building was perfect for the club. I suppose next they’ll try to buy the sushi bar and close that down as well for some inane reason? Bah.
Sometimes I’d really like to show people the difference between ‘Satanic’ and Goth. With them as visual tools in the demonstration.