Original article posted by AnaNg:

Am at work and am so bored. I have been sorting tabs and collating them for 5 of 8 hours. It is a task brought upon myself and though I am grateful for the lack of doing other mundane daily tasks, I am also now braindead while I sort and collate. This is also brought upon by myself by my asking to sort and collate. I wanted a task that took no thought and I got one.

After 5 hours, though broken up by lunch and the arrival of copier technicians, I have come to the conclusion that my mind needs stimulation! I tried to multi-task by reading a few posted articles as well as my email and listen to latin music while I collated, but all that happened was a growig desire for writing and a desperate plea from my creativity-starved brain to do so. The desire promised stimulation and also, it looks like I’m working. I hate when my mind shuts down – I feel not so much a negative energy as much as a general lack of energy thereof. The only part of me that is willing to move (My head least of all wants to work) is my hand, as it takes the least energy and movement of the rest of my body.

Yay! 4:20. May the hands of the clock move quickly. I get to leave work early today, only to go to another work related meeting for which I doubt I will get overtime pay or other such compensation. At least it will be a change of scenery and people. Hopefully it doesn’t last very long. I am incredibly excited to have only 10 weeks before I don’t have to work anymore, even though it does mean that I’m going to also in 10 weeks be a full time mom.

I am all of a sudden feeling a rush of nervous energy which cries out for release, but I have nowhere to put it. Everything happening at once and taking it’s time about it – A new baby coming (how to even start preparing?!) A new (to us) house to sign closing papers for on Monday – no now Friday – no, now next Friday – and the lease on our apartment ends this Sunday! And the selling company won’t even let us clean the house before closing. Also, am so frustrated with stupid Bank lenders, especially the underwriters! My days at work are filled with meetings and giving trainings and writing up flow charts of my job responsibilities so that Chris will be able to do my job while I’m gone. We’re scheduled to split my shift after I get back from maternity leave, but I’m not going to tell them that I’m Not Coming Back!!! (Mwa ha ha!)

But this does place more responsibility on myself to get every thing documented before I leave. But I sometimes ask myself – Self, What is the point, as Chris has her own method of madness and will change processes as soon as I am gone? But she does need to understand the basics of how and why things are done as they are. This way she can change processes without faulting correctness. Mainly it’s just a matter of two different ways to do the same thing. Neither is incorrect, they’re just different. And that’s ok.

Thankfully the hands of the clock have moved swiftly in their endless migration of the same plane and writing has been a blessed outsource previously unleashed nervous energy. Now, with an aching head, on to the next meeting.