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So I knew about this writing competition, but I was never sure when it actually was and last Friday I found out. If I wanted to enter I had to have a story, or part of one, post-marked by the fallowing Monday. So I hurried and threw this together spending probably a grand total of ten broken up hours on it. (And that’s probably being generous.) It’s still in its first draft stage mostly, but I was out of time and I had to try and send something. It’s part of a story that’s still in my head; I think this is the first time I have ever actually written anything from it. I’m not sure if this is the exact copy I sent in because the copy I sent in was saved to my computer and this was saved to my disc. Nontheless, it’s mostly the same and I hope you enjoy; I apologize in advance to those of you who will end up not.

His hand slipped across her back like it did every night, and just like every night before she payed him no attention. She lay silently on her stomach, her hands tucked underneath her shoulders, and her head turned away from him. He gently tried to pull her closer, but she barely budged.

There had been times when she had moved nearer, but not many. He would always give it another attempt, but if she didn’t respond he would stop and there they would sleep with the cold and the silence between them. There was never much room for it, no more than six inches or so, but its harsh presence always felt wedged in as deep as it could go and overflowing like an obese man on an already full elevator – tonight he had gained weight.

The silence was thick and heavy while the cold chilled her bones. Despite her best attempt not to she began to shiver.

“If you would just lay a little closer you wouldn’t shake like that,” he said. “You know you would sleep better.” The silence pushed down harder then retreated as she sighed loudly. She turned and looked into his blue eyes. Even in the darkest nights they were so piercing they could cut through her in the slightest glance, yet so dark and deep she could gladly fall into them forever.

She hated it. Not able to hold his intense gaze for long she let her eyes drop without a word. He drew a deep, exasperated breath and let it out in a hiss. Suddenly taking hold of her arm he pushed her to her back and leaned over her.

“I don’t understand your resentment,” he snapped. She jumped. “I keep you near me so you won’t freeze to death in your sleep and every morning I swear my protection to you, yet for these past three months you have continued to push me away, you barely even speak to me.” He paused. “You are a stubborn, foolish, brat,” he growled.

Anger boiled up inside her. She caught the arm he was leaning on and wrenched it out from underneath him forcing him to his side then nimbly rolled him to his own back and sat on him. Though she was on the small side she was anything but weak. She opened her mouth as if to yell at him then stopped. Breathing deeply she shook her head and stared into his eyes.
“I am not a brat,” she said sharply. She continued, rushing her words with frustration. “I’m only foolish sometimes and I can’t help the stubbornness, it runs in my family like a disease, alright?”

His lips twinged with a smile. “Don’t you dare smile,” she snapped, “I’m still pissed.”

He chuckled. She sighed and began to move away, but he stopped her before she could go anywhere. Confused, she looked at him and waited for a comment, but nothing came. He stared deep into her eyes as if looking through windows to the unknown land beyond. She tried to turn, but instead was paralyzed. His gaze sunk deep inside until she could hardly breath. Further, but gently he pressed into her soul finding a bright forest of memories both happy and sad, memories of her friends and family, and many memories that were abruptly cut short or shrouded in a thick, choking fog. As he peered deeper into those memories he saw a girl, young, maybe eight, playing in a field of flowers singing an almost familiar song to herself. Pushing farther the fog intensified until finally blinding him and he retreated; he hadn’t left empty handed, a name had appeared in his mind.

“Lianna,” he whispered softly then pressed on before he was forced out. Deeper inside her he went, finding anything she would permit him to see. Then moved on wanting to know more. Not far off dark, forbidding mountains loomed across the sky. At their feet he appeared, following the sheer cliffs to the top of the sky with his eyes. Looking forward he found her standing at the head of a path no more than a dozen feet away. She was watching his every move, her emerald eyes glinting and her auburn hair shimmering in the sunlight. As he approached she raised her hand to stop him.

“It is too dangerous here,” she said. “You cannot enter.”

“You have so many secrets, so many hidden things,” he said taking her hand. “Why?”

“Protection.” Her answer echoed into the canyons behind her.

“From what?”

“Not what. From who and for whom.”

“For who? What do you mean?”

“It is too dangerous for anyone else to know what lies in the darkness.” He cocked his head a little taken aback. She was different here. Physically she appeared the same, but, no, even that had changed. Here her strength was enormous and her knowledge was far beyond her years. Indeed, he could see it clearly now. Nearly all the memories he had seen were typical of someone who was probably not even twenty, but as more of those memories and experiences flashed across his mind he found that they were ones she should not have. They were meant for one much older. She was so young, but she already seemed to have lived a lifetime, and to his amazement she had endured her experiences well and had faced them head on.

“Terra,” he said softl. Her head rose a little at the mention of her name. “I had no idea. You have lived for such a short time, but you stand here before me so strong and fearless.” She smiled, shaking her head.

“My entire life I have never truly feared anyone; except for you.”

“What?” he gasped. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” she answered quietly. “The fact that you could kill me by looking at me is a large factor, but you’ve only ever harmed me enough to warn me of further danger. So I find myself wanting to draw near you, and sometimes I do. That’s when I get scared.”

“I don’t understand.” She touched his chest letting her hand linger there. A light like a black flame shuddered near his heart. She looked up. His eyes were wide and the blue had become dark, nearly black. Her hand began to tremble.
“I-I feel it every time I’m near you,” she stuttered. “I don’t think I would fear it so much except that,” her entire body began to shake, “I feel like I know it, but I don’t know where from.” She jerked her hand away from him, but just as quickly he caught her wrist and pulled her back. Wrapping his arm around her waist he forced her tightly against himself. She gasped and choked on a scream. With all her strength she fought against him, her muscles straining, but it wasn’t enough. His hold on her tightened.

“Shhhh…” he hushed, his lips brushing against her ear. “I won’t let you go until I’m finished.” The light in his chest became warm, nearly hot. “You’re right,” he said, “it is very dangerous, what’s inside me.” The heat began to sear her skin. “The thing that it came from would kill you in a second if it had the chance.” She began to get dizzy, her stomach twisted making her sick, and her strength disappeared. “But unlike the thing it came from, I control what is within.” She gasped. The pain, dizziness, sickness, and fear had vanished. He pushed her back a little and looked into her eyes. “What you see inside me is deadly,” he said quietly, “but it will never harm you nor anyone else unless I allow it to.” He paused, stroking her cheek. “I will only protect you, Terra.” A light from the depth of his eyes floated to the surface and flashed.

The light dimmed and there she sat again in the dark and cold. She got off him and sat beside him.

“So you understand why I distance myself from you then?” she sighed. He nodded. Her head dropped a little from fatigue and she began to fall backwards. He caught her before she hit her head then carefully laid her down. “I don’t resent you,” she whispered. He smiled lying down beside her. His hand slipped across her stomach and pulled her into his arms. She buried her face in his chest and fell into a deep sleep.

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