Original article posted by Olorle:

First off, if I were God then I would allow for the solving of at least some amount of problems through rampant stabbing. Because sometimes, really? it’s neccessary.

Beyond that, things would start getting interesting. First off, I believe a certain level of zombies rising up to destroy the world and strange fairy realms touching the “real” world and things of that nature would be a must. I’m still all for things having both good and evil in them, but the occasional risen dead that obviously should be stopped would be allowable and possibly encouraged.

As a being of infinite power, I’d also occasionalyl turn myself off for a while to awaken again when my creations truely need me.

I would be a merciful and loving God and if I end up smiting you, well, you probably deserved it. And smitings would be done in person. If I’m going to met out some wrath, I want to do it in a hands on fashion.

I also think I’d do a certain amount of sneaking into Rodney’s creation so that I could attempt to take out his guardian angels Tenchu style. Just to keep them in practice.