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So I was just doing some dishes and Ryan pointed out this link to me.

So I read it.

Then I read it again.

Then I decided I had to say something about it.

I can almost imagine myself in this area. Fighting to get evacuees out and seeing shining clouds wafting through the streets. Utter desolation and the total abandonment of a city 5 times larger than the one I live in.

I went walking with Gandhi once at 3 am after watching Pi and Cube (the movies) and we were getting seriously freaked out about the lack of people. But a city of 500,000 just sitting there in utter silence. I doubt there was even wild animal sounds to be heard in this area.

I would like to see someone make a videogame where you have to dodge invisible pockets of radiation and fight monsters while hoping not to take damage to your containment suit. Lots of dead areas with no sound, hell, a white noise generator to get rid of other sounds. Walking through and ashen, day of Pompei, landscape wondering why and how?

I’m going to take a shower now and try not to think it is a chemical shower.


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Re: Wow, just Wow.
Quite eerie indeed.

This article has changed my perspective on a few things. If you haven’t read it yet, definatly worth your time.