Original article posted by jaddes_green:

1. I would get rid of all the guns and then bring magic powers into the world. So now all those smart people could just shoot fireballs and what not.

2. I would make monsters that ran around the world in which you could beat up for gold. It would be so cool. Instead of going to your boring job everyday you could just go outside on a walk around the mountains of doom and kill some monsters then buy a new CD or video game with the money.

3. I would also make myself the perfect girl (in my optioion at least). She would be smart, funny, cute, short red hair, green eyes and very musically talented.

4. Hand over all my god like powers to someone else who could handle the job and give myself some decent amount of powers. Not really powerful, just powerful enough that I would be above average.

Then everything would go to hell because the person I left in charge would think all the stuff I had done was stupid and change it back thus I would have no powers, a boring job, no gold to buy video games and that girl I created wouldn’t be interested in me and would run off with someone else. Life would return to normal but at least I would have a really good conversation piece.