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So I occasionaly say things that get misinterpretted. Usually by me, as I’m saying them.

I just got back from shopping with the Parents. They bought me lunch and a new bicycle to help get me to work and such.

This is the third bike they have bought me in 5 years. The other two were stolen. Which annoys me, but the important bit is they did this thing because I have a job now.

Which is too say dad is working on his old adage, “He who helps himself gets help.”

So he gives you aide when you prove you can do things for yourself.

It’s not a bad adage, but I don’t always think it works. I think I deal with enough people that need to start being helped before they can hope to function well enough to help themselves and you have to define effort as well. But I’ll get to that later.

I’ve noticed that I have a problem in dealing with people. Coming from a strictly black and white world view I run into problems with tact and forgiveness. Namely, even when I’m trying to give you a chance and say that things are okay between us I always tend to make it sound like there is an unspoken clause of “This time.”

My apologies are annoyingly acidic, my thank you’s bitter, and my praise begrudging.

Even when I say, “Hey, they made a small mistake, considering the circumstances they deserve another chance,” there is a part of me that basically screams “Because I’m benevolent I will let you go.”

If everything has to be good or bad, negative or positive, for me or against me, then even the things that are for me have the potential to be against me and even the things against me are considered a solid conversation away from joining the right side.

Which is of course, my side. And my side is not always right, but by the time I make that sort of announcement judgement has already been proclaimed and the scars are there to prove it.

I suppose I should be less angry and judgemental of people. But I won’t, I like my system. It works just fine as long as everyone is paying attention and does their part.

Particularly me.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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