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I have spent more time than usual reading Six Mile Village tonight. Usually I whip throught the authors I like, and scan the topics looking for the ones that are just creative enough to deserve a peek. But, tonight I took time to read what the authors within this group of strangers and freinds have written. I cannot wait to see what will happen to Greg’s little site in the future.

Right now we all seem in a state of flux. Where things are still new and exciting, and at the same time old and mundane. We joke well, we think deeply and we can’t wait to leave our mark on this crazy world. (I don’t know if we know how to leave a mark, but we sure do want to.) Many of us are seeking love, or we are seeking a way to better the love that we already have.

What will this same panel be writing about in ten years? Will we be able to find the humor in a mortgage? Will we be ranting about the home life we have created over the years? What about the political side of things? How many of us will even care in ten years about the genetic research being done on sheep in Asia? Will we be so caught up in the trials of our life that we forget to find empathy for the plight of our fellow men? Will we be able to find joy?

Whatever the answers are, I hope that we will still be here, in Six Mile, sharing our souls with friends that we might not recognize on a bus.

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: A time of change
I for one doubt that I will ever get caught up in worrying about the more mundane nature of domestic life. Mine is a quest for virtue and a fighting for principal. If anything over the last ten years I’ve gotten more abstract with my battles and in the future I suppose I will continue to do the same. In my mind I leap from chandeliers and teach cultists what for with a saber and a revolver. But in the actual world I fight people and things that would hurt people, usually by pitching myself headlong at the problem until it goes away.

Re: A time of change
Unless you are planning on renting an apartment your entire life then I asume that all of us will have to deal with the reality of a mortgage, hopefully will have a home life, a significant other, children, stability. If that is not what you want Rodney then that is your choice but I must say that it makes me feel a little sorry for you. I can’t imagine my life without my wonderful husband and the stabilty that comes just from knowing that each day I come home he is there, our lives are hectic and stressful right now and we have no idea where we will be living in a year or even six months, life is crazy and busy, and yet wonderful. I anticipate the day when our life will be more stable, we will have a mortgage to worry about, a lawn to mow, and kids to teach and entertain. I understand that parenting and marriage is not the dream for everyone but change is inevitable and it is something to embrace and accept. I hope that instead of ignoring the possibility we should all accept the inevitable.