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Dear Mom and Dad,

I figured since you’re having sixmilevillage.com issues I would just write you a brief letter.

Well it’s a month down today. I figure that if I multiply how well I know Chinese by 23, I’ll feel almost comfortable enough to try giving a discussion or two. Almost.

It’s been a pretty good week. I’ve finally figured out or started praying enough that my roommates don’t bother me most of the time. So that’s an accomplishment this week.

On the other hand, I’ve finally reached the point where I find myself looking at my watch. This means I enjoy being out-of-class more than I enjoy being in. Which is too bad. Just another goal to work on, I guess.

Sometimes the MTC is eerily like a prison.
“What you in for?”
“Oh wow. How long you in for?”
“12 weeks”
“Ouch. How long have you been here?”
And so on. Creepy no?

I had an interesting experience or two. We’ve had 2 members of the 12 in 2 weeks. That’s been awesome. I think the Firesides and devotionals are the best part of the MTC.

Elder Scott spoke on Tuesday. He was amazing. He used the “paint” program on his laptop to draw us a diagram of what makes a missionary. He was both encouraging and stern. Then he blessed everybody.

When he started “Now with Apostolic Authority…” it was so completely silent. Nobody moved.

Afterwards he stayed for about an hour and a half and shook everybody’s hand. Neato!

Yesterday the district was walking around the MTC reciting the first vision in Chinese. A sparrow hopped out of the bushes and landed on a wall near me. I watched him, he watched me. Nobody else noticed. Funny how a little thing can make your day.

-Elder Hamblin