Original article posted by Olorle:

Yesterday, I went with Junpei to visit old friends of his and rather vague associates of mine. I was remembered for a brief appearance in a bad little edited “movie” involving me “killing” someone with a “lightsaber.” May I never use that many quotes in a single sentance again. Sitting around listening to them talk about making some new “movie” and working on a game in RPG maker put them about where they were when I last had seen the lot of them. Junpei comfirms that most of the changes in the group are minimal at best. All in all, our largest problem with the situation was our inability to succeed in implimenting our get-a-hold-of-The-Wendy escape plan. Of course, this problem was magnified by their lack of care for anything and useless sorts of non-banter.

So, on with the point of it all. Tommorow I’m getting up and for whatever self-loathing sort of reason I’m going to dress up and go to a church meeting because a friend from high-school is getting back from his mission. Frankly, after that display I have very little faith in the possibility that the stream of old associates that will be returning in the comming months starting with tommorow are likely to have changed any more than Junpei’s friends. Somehow, that depresses me. Sure, I’m different and likely to be heading down very different paths than these people, but still… its nice to have old associates. I’m just too stubborn for my own damn good sometimes.

Bah. I’m going to stalk off into the night to rescue Junpei from whatever hellish miasma of nonsense might be trying to swallow his soul right now, hope that perhaps The Wendy will show up before I leave tommorow, and I’ll try not to get upset at sitting through a church service I’m going to for the sake of a friend that I only got in touch with again because his little brother happened to take a class from my dad. Maybe I’ll spend some extra time writing.

Time to press on me thinks. See how things go. See if I really do need to be upset to any degree. Need me some sort of ice-cream me-thinks.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: thewendy
sorry i missed you cat.
i would have even went with you to the homecoming to keep you company if i’d been there.
some people are too comfy to change.

Nickname: Junpei
I would just like to state for the record that there was a hellish miasma of nonsense trying to swallow my soul at that moment and I was in dire need of rescuing.

My computer refused to communicate with any of theirs (something I was quietly smug about; I think it knew better) and they were not all that willing to help me with it. Their best solution seemed to be playing WarCraft III survival-wave maps as if I wasn’t there, and then glaring at me in a you-are-abandoning-us sort of way when I left.

Thank you, Rowsamarescue.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: urgles
Well, I’ll just have to kidnap you some other time. *nods* Though apparently sitting around in the back of a church meeting scribbling in a poetry notebook draws far more attention than I would have expected. Eh. So it goes.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Rowsamarescue!
It was important that you be rescued. Your psyche was screaming for help into the night and my amazing powers managed to pick up this cry and rush to your rescue.