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I first meet Anson’s artwork at the entry way of the bead store in Cedar City. Fairies. Spirit. Magic.
I meet him at the reading for the literary magazine my last year at SUU. He has done the artwork for several of the covers of the Kolob Canyon Review.

He is the only artist I have ever let draw me.

I did my student teaching with him in Parowan. Dated him for about a month. He showed me petroglyphs, urged me to start drawing and sculpting again, played on the swings with me, and talked non-stop about truth and spirit. I’ll miss his emails. His words. His energy. His art.

On Feb. 28 I saw him at the used bookstore in Cedar City. We had parted on weird terms. At the bookstore we smoothed our relationship out again. Although it still felt weird.
Before I left he said that he was glad that we could tie up those ends we left hanging.

He was murdered.
Because two desperate little boys (I call anyone under 18 little), cheated on a test and couldn’t handle staying in therapy for a few months more. Because the idiots who run that academy did not follow state guidelines and did not have more than one person on shift that night.

I wonder if they meant to kill him. I hope not. I think that they would feel more guilt that way.

I had only heard the news on the radio, they did not mention a name. Hastings called last night to tell me that it was Anson. I missed his life celebration in Cedar and now feel sad that I have to work today and have to deal with being numb.

Someday I may shock everyone and write about happy things on this site.

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Numbness and Anson Arnett
I sit and I read this and certain things click for me.

I have heard from five different sources about this event. And each person I hear it from had a different relationship with Anson. I don’t think I ever knew him.

Nan and Keith knew him and visited him from time to time.

Marty was taught by him at school, and deals with the duplicity of students that made hideous comments about him last week and now sing his praises, the guilt of those who should know better than to say negative things about people they know nothing of.

This guy Stephen was in that academy and knew the two little boys who did the deed. He doesn’t defend them, but had he been there he would have helped with the killing.

And now Wendy knew him and spent time with him and I struggle to find meaning in it all.

Also, I applied for a job there a few months ago, the night shift, and was turned down. I think had I been there… That’s the way we will always think, isn’t it?

Nickname: squishous
Re: Numbness and Anson Arnett
I know you know this, but the numbness fades.
The bad memories become fuzzy.

I hope you have his prtrait of you.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Numbness and Anson Arnett
Brightness flickers, only to fade. Every story eventually finds an ending. Some are too short. Some are too sad. But at least you were there to see a bit of the brightness. Perhaps not much of a comfort for the moment. Really all I can say about it though. All I can say about death in generall for the moment.

Nickname: gandhi2
Re: Numbness and Anson Arnett
I know that consolation does not get rid of the feeling of numbness, but I just thought I’d write and say that you have psuedo-family here that love you. If you need to talk about anything; cats, balloons, work, death, life, sadness, happiness…give me a call.

I’ve never really had to deal with death. I’ve attended one funeral, for my best friends’ dad, and I thought that I should be stoic and console them, and not cry. That didn’t work. It was the strongest empathy I’d ever felt, not because I cared for him personally especially, but because of that brief instant when everybody realized he didn’t exist as we’re used to having people exist.

Hastings was feeling sorry about being the bearer of bad news. She thought it would be important to you. Remember, we love you. Cats, balloons, work, etc.

Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Numbness and Anson Arnett
Oh that is so horrible! But a pain like that….I think it’s better to feel numb than coping with it all at once. But that will fade and then the pain will kick in more.
And who needs happy things on this site? I seem to be doing well only writing the sad.