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My alarm clicks on. A whir as the cd player prepares to bombard me with music. I’m stretched out and clicking the snooze button before the music can start. Every six minutes for the next half-hour I’m clicking the snooze button as the clock starts to whir.

Finally, I give in and start getting ready.

The daily routine takes as little time as usual and I hit campus even earlier than I had intended. Great, enough time to pick up something to eat. Cereal takes too long and nothing on top of the fridge seems like what I want to be eating. So it goes.

Soda, jalapeno poppers and banter get me feeling more awake. Of course, the draw of a nice sunny patch on the grass still nearly keeps me from class. Heading to class is a better idea really. That and shifting to keep my face out of the sun gets irritating at some point.

Class seems pretty light weight. A lot of talk about compromises and non-wars. I split my attention between that and reading “Orpheus and Eurydice A Lyrical Sequence” by one Gregory Orr. Like my day, the book starts off a little slow. Like most stories, it takes a death to liven things up. My attention falls more into the book as Mr. Orr catches his stride. “Not even the gods can see into a human heart – it’s that dark.” This comes from Orpheus Descending. Perhaps more people should keep this in mind before deciding that a guy’s an ass for criticizing them. Ah well though.

Class ends and the masses flow out the doors and back across the street to the main portion of campus. Aint it grand that the P.E. building was built to be full of giant classrooms? More banter follows the walk. Rodney and I are trotting off to see what sort of ideas a bunch of designers tossed together for our little magazine. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t call it our magazine. If it were our magazine we wouldn’t have to spend so much time fighting people. Giving a damn about how a school work is going to turn out is not something that goes over well out this way. Still, we try.

A quick stop for a soda and we descend into the burning depths of the mac lab. Frankly, I would have prefered the cold of the Underworld Orpheus had been decending too an hour earlier. Being hot just makes listening to long winded speaches about designs that are self explanitory all the more irritating. Then the lights go dead. At least it gives us an excuse to flee into the hall.

Cooling down makes it easier to take the dull presentations. Until someone wants to center all the poetry. That stabs at my sensibilities, but I keep the outbursts to a minimum. The lights come up and we’re drug back into the classroom for further hot torment. Rodney leads the way with questions. I can’t help but want to strangle the man who wont get to the point about the choices people had to make. I concider kicking Rodney to keep him from asking more questions that I’m not interested in. Of course, I don’t. He needs his information after all.

Finally, freedom. A march back across campus full of ideas that seem hardly more spectacular than anything I managed when I designed the magazine. A few things stood out, good and bad, but no definite choice. Tommorow the gauntlet will be thrown down and decisions will be called for. Hopefully, that won’t go too poorly. I assume it will.

From here Rodney takes a computer stop before fleeing for home to type and I settle in to relax until poetry class starts. I hope people are argumentitive today. I actually feel up for telling people off. Chances are I’ll mostly just have to banter nonsense with the teacher. Of course, pissing her off before I have to meet with her is likely not much of a plan. I’m no exactly known for going with the best of plans, though.

So now I’ll leave and head onwards to the rest of my day. I’ll carry righteous indignation as an armor against the nonsense of the day and maybe even attend the silly St. Patties day party Rodney was invited too. I may even be nice enough to avoid stabbing anyone. Maybe. For now, I’ll tip my non-existant hat, light up a non-existant cigerette and pace off into the comming night. After all, it’s a long walk towards night at the moment.

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Okay, this doesn’t have anything to do with the point of your story, but I rather like the story line of Orpheus and Eurydice. I am actually singing an aria from the opera version of the story for a competition tomorrow. The opera version is in Italian and much happier, but I love the song. It comes in at a point that happens in all versions of the myth: When “Orfeo”, as the Italians say, loses “Euridice”(also as the Italians say it) for good because he was dumb and looked back at her. It’s really pretty, though. Anway, there’s some randomness for you. Enjoy.