Original article posted by Stephanie:

I moved back into my parents house before my vacation to NZ, partly because my roomie moved out on me, and partly because I’m a cheapskate and I wanted to save the money. I didn’t think it through quite well, because I never thought about actually having to Live there when I got home.

I work the graveyard shift, meaning, I sleep in the day. And my little brother and sister come pounding home, fighting and yelling, jumping on my bed and screaming at me to wake up and solve their latest drama. So I wake and deal…then play video games. First time I die I hear “OH! IT”S MY TURN NOW!!” then “NO IT’S MINE!!” and so on. I have to give that up and go online to check my email.

Which of course is a whole new rant, because my family lives in Parowan Valley. If you’ve ever driven out to the gap to see the petroglyphs, you’ve probably seen a big pink house on a hill just off that road. Yes, that’s us. So living in the boonies, we only get dial up. I despise and loathe dial up with a fiery passion, and yet, that’s my internet access.

So I sign in and try to check my email, when I’m told I’m disconnected because my sister decides she needs to use the phone and call EVERYONE SHE KNOWS.

Then my mom gets home and yells that we didn’t do our chores (I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I had chores). And tells me that spring is coming and we’re going to plant a huge garden, plus I’ll be responsible for watering grass and about a hundred trees. Joy.

So aside from feeling like I’m 16 again, I also am tired from lack of sleep, and have a headache from the screaming.

Makes a girl love to go to work though.

On the plus side, it is really cheap to live at home. I pay for Nothing! Actually, I’m going to get my own phone line so that will be a relief. And I have use of my mom’s secondary vehicle. Which is a Plymouth Voyager….but still, mobility. Essential.

So readers, beware. Think before you make the fatal step of moving back to a parents home. Or if you live there….don’t leave for a loong time. Then you won’t know what you’re missing!

Here endeth the lesson

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Moving Home
Stephanie, you are completely correct. I’ve had to go back to jail, I mean live with my parents, many times and it’s always the same thing. You lose the ability to be your own person. Get out soon. Until then, this one’s for you…and all my peoples got sent up the river.*pours out mountain dew*

Nickname: jaddes_green
Re: Moving Home
I hear that. I’ve moved back home for a while and it sucks. For some reason my parents feel that it is their duty to boss me around. Goes something like this…

“Acey! Go take out the trash!”
“You know, you could just ask me to take out the trash and I would.”
“Oh, ok.”
5 mins later…
“Acey! Load the dishwasher!”

Ugh. The only reason that teenagers seem to mature and get along with their parents is because they move out and don’t have to live with them anymore. Its even worse because I live in kanab. That adds onto the pain 5 times more.

Anyways Good Luck. You’ll need it.
Jaddes Green
“Friends are just enemies that don’t have the guts to kill you.”

Nickname: Chellee
Re: Moving Home
I refuse to move home, even for the summer. As much as I love my family, it’s too hard. I’m the youngest of five kids and my mom says, “There’s my baby girl” every time I come home. Then she promptly asks what I’ve been eating, what I’ve been learning, who I’ve been hanging out with, what all the homeless people in the shelter have been doing, and whether I’ve been going to the gym. Oh, and “Did you know you got another overdraft?”
To which I have to reply, “Food, music, friends, nothing, sometimes. Oh, and yes.” She asks twenty questions, and then wants me to answer all of them. Then the rest of the time I’m home she intersperses these questions throught our conversations. Never endingly!!!!!
I love her to death, but I’ll LIKE her more when she stops nagging. See, I like her more already cuz I don’t live at home! Seventeen years was long enough, I paid my dues.