Original article posted by Minty:


My body is a strange land to me,
with a pit, or Pratt fall
some menacing mole and a hair in-side grown
stranger it is, bearing false fruits (none of loins)
I love this beast,better left for burden on my bones.


In what realm is beauty the coin?
How can I waste such an ephemeral thing
that will spend itself before I find its economy

a gift curse…
the pretty are indeed, but to lose
an accidental gift
it must sting harsher than the pleasures

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Two Poems Neither of them Particularly Good
Try titling your poems. You’ve got two really short pieces and your giving up the one place you have to guide a reader into knowing what the hell it is your talking about. Very few pieces work as untitled pieces. Yours don’t seem to fit into that mold. So go. Title.

Nickname: Minty
Re: Two Poems Neither of them Particularly Good
The first piece is “Flesh” and the second “Debt”. Thanks for the feedback.